Frequently Asked Questions

At Pooch Playhouse & Boarding LLC, we are committed to providing your pet with the care and attention they deserve. To give you a better glimpse into our services and all that we offer, we invite you to read through the frequently asked questions below.

What is included in boarding?

We include doggie daycare in boarding price, so you do not have to pay extra for daycare. They are outside approximately 4 hours a day. These times vary. Plus, we give out Free love and attention.


What do I bring when my dog board?

We require you bring your own dog’s food. We don’t want their tummy upset. Any medications they are receiving at home and there is a charge for each administration. You can bring a bed, but we do have bedding here at Pooch. Our run sizes are 5×4 and 5×3, if your bed is any larger it Will NOT fit. Please DON’T bring your breakable bowls or bowls in general. Pooch has feeding bowls. You can bring treats or toys. But know we don’t share those with others. 

If you do bring bedding for your dog, please note that we like to wash your bedding before the leave. Due to the fact we have pools out and they do play in the pool or water, we don’t want your bedding to smell like wet dog. As far as accidents on their bedding, we have very little of this, but just in case, we do like to wash it so it will fresh when you pick up.



What are the requirements for boarding at Pooch Playhouse?

Pooch Playhouse is somewhat unique in boarding. We want all our boarding and daycare dogs to be temp tested before they stay. They must be able to get along with other dogs. Dogs like people, we don’t get along with everyone, neither do dogs. Therefore, temp testing your dog is very important. It is also important to note that just dropping your dog off at a boarding facility, unfamiliar territory, can really stress a dog. 

We want all our four-legged friends to be comfortable while they stay with us and not be stressed out. If your temp test is done a week or so before boarding, we highly recommend you bring your dog to daycare at least one time before boarding. This will let your dog know, you are coming back for them. The temp test simply is introducing your dog to one dog at a time. 

These dogs we introduce them to are of different personality. This gives us a chance to see your dogs’ reactions to different temperaments. Some will be calm, very active, puppies and just laid back. Certainly, a one-time temp test does not give us a full scope of your dog’s personality. Sometimes we don’t see the true temperament for a week or so. 

All paperwork must be filled out and an appointment made for your temp test. 

If you make an appointment for boarding without a temp test or miss your temp test appointment, we will not hold those appointments. However, we understand emergencies occur, and we can certainly make specials arrangements. Pooch Playhouse is all about making your dog comfortable and happy when they stay with us.



What is the daily routine?

Staff arrives at 6 every morning. Dogs boarding are let out first thing. They are put up at 7 for their morning feeding. As daycare arrives, everyone is organized in group play. Back out at 8 am for play time. At 11:00 all dogs go up for doggie nap time until 1 pm. At one all back out for the afternoon play time. Nighttime feeding is at 4 pm. Dogs boarding are up for an hour and back out for last play time. Staff usually leaves between 7 and 7:30 pm.



What vaccines are required?

All annual vaccines are required to be up to dated and current: Rabies, DA2PP and Bordetella. However, the Bordetella is required to be updated every six months. This vaccine yes, is an annual vaccine, but it is not 100% effective. And keeping their system boosted, especially if you do doggie daycare and you board a lot. We also now require a canine flue vaccine. Please make sure if your dog comes down with the upper respiratory infection, please give Pooch Playhouse a call. We do like to monitor and keep up with when a dog comes down with upper respiratory infection.



What do I need to do when I pick up my dog?

We like for you to pay first and bring your belongings out before staff brings out your dog. Please know they will be extremely excited to see you. After you get home with your dog, also know they will be very tired. They may sleep quite a bit. Also watch out for Kennel Cough or Upper Respiratory infection, this is the Bordetella vaccine. Please know this vaccine is not 100% effective. If your dog does come down with Upper Respiratory, please give us a call. Its important to us and we like to monitor this.



What is Doggie Daycare?

Doggie Daycare is very similar to a human daycare, they are just here for the day. No overnight stays. First and foremost, please note, NOT ALL dogs enjoy or want to be in a doggie daycare environment. It does not mean that your dog is bad. It simply means they just don’t care for it. Doggie Daycare is good for dogs for socializing. It is not meant for working out training or behavior issues. That needs to be addressed by a trainer. It is possible a trainer will recommend doggie daycare for part of the training process. Pooch will certainly work with this as needed. 

If you have a senior dog, and before considering doggie daycare daycare, think about what your dog’s routine is each day. The senior dogs typically sleep most of the day and really do not care for the interaction and energy of other dogs. But that’s not always the case, some senior dogs still have the ability and love to socialize.



How do the daycare packages work?

Let me first express that ALL dogs may not be good for doggie daycare. It is not that your dog is bad, this environment can become not fun or over stimulating. This is why it’s important we do a temperament evaluation before starting daycare.

As far as packages, we have different packages available, half days and full days. You can find those on our website. Please NOTE: these packages expire at the end of every year and are NON-REFUNDABLE. Daycare is NOT a part of boarding. Boarding charges include daycare. We do not mix daycare and boarding together. 

When your dog is first temp test, we don’t recommend buying a daycare package for about 2 weeks. When new to daycare, some dogs it takes about a 2-week period for adjustment others it does not. Therefore, for this reason we don’t recommend buying a punch card at the beginning. Dog’s temperament could change within this period as they get accumulated to doggie daycare.


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